"Never met a person who can learn so fast, who is so receptive to new ideas, who could change and develop in such a short period as two weeks from the modest conductor on the first rehearsal, to the real Maestro - an artist in music with the full palette of all colors - on the last concert. Elgar´s string serenade that evening was really a wonder for both orchestra and audience. Thank you Santiago for giving us one of those moments that will be remembered for the rest of the life.

Irina Dziadevych (Principal cello “Liatoshynsky chamber orchestra”, Ukraine)

Santiago PS

Santiago Piñeros-Serranowas awarded First Prize in the Ibague Strings Festival (Colombia) in 2010, which included a scholarship to attend the POI, a programme of the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra.

He is Music Director of the N10 Choir, Albert Park Singers, and Albion Singers, he is also Assistant Conductor for Oxford Brookes University Orchestra with whom he frequently performs from the French Horn section or the podium.

Born in Bogota, Santiago began his musical education at the Colombian National Symphony Academy, where he studied piano and music theory. Following on to becoming a student at Juan N Corpas University, where he perfected his piano technique and started conducting choir and orchestra. After a year he combined piano with conducting.

He studied Vocal technique and Violin, joining shortly afterwards the Santa Cecilia Choral Society (one of the leading professional choirs in the country) and the Unimusica Orchestra. Likewise, he studied Trombone followed by a venture into self-taught French Horn.

Santiago went on to do a postgraduate degree at Bowling Green State University where he conducted the Bowling Green Philharmonia, Bowling Green New Music Ensemble, and Ad Libitum Chamber Orchestra. Keen to explore new repertoire and different ensembles, he has worked with orchestras, choirs, wind bands and chamber ensembles of different formations across several countries.

A skilled recruiter, in 2013 founded the OSCH orchestra, which became the heart of the Huila State at its Conservatoire in South-West Colombia. Likewise, in 2015 he founded the Ad Libitum Chamber Orchestra, which brought Latin American music to North-West Ohio in the USA.

Santiago conducted opera performances at the 'Ópera al parque' festival and 'Arte y opera para todos' in Colombia. Followed by appearances at the Bowling Green opera festival conducting two world premieres.

Similarly, he collaborated with orchestras such us Camerata Academica de Cordoba in Argentina, Colombian National Symphony, Caldas Symphony, Amina Melendro de Pulecio, and professional chamber orchestras as Lux Aeterna, La Folia - Baroque Orchestra, Juan N Corpas Symphony and Allegro in Colombia; Lyatoshinsky Chamber Orchestra, in Ukraine and several orchestras within masterclasses and competitions.

Alongside his career as Orchestral and Choral Conductor, the drive for innovation and analysis of musical practices converged in his debut as a workshop leader at the Latin American Forum for Music Education (FLADEM) 2013 in Neiva (Colombia), where he has been a fellow since.